The Majestic Theatre History

Built in 1912 for $80,000 by the twice-widowed Ms. Julia Remington, The Majestic was one of the largest Vaudeville theatres in Chicago-land. Known as one of the nation’s hotspots for Broadway’s best and brightest, The Majestic reached an early pinnacle in 1916 when it hosted the Marx Brothers. But within the next two decades, Vaudeville had nearly disappeared on the American stage, and so too did The Majestic’s dreams of theatrical dominance. It was converted to a movie house, where it made on-and-off operational stints through the late 1980s. Officially shutting its doors in 1990, The Majestic Theatre has since been forgotten, a relentless reminder of the greatness that was once Kankakee County. Until now.

Having remodeled, restored, and refurbished the Majestic Theatre, businesswomen Toni Hassett and Brenda Zuccollo plan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the landmark by making it the jewel of downtown Kankakee yet again. Featuring a full stage, a sixteen-foot screen, art deco grand style second and third floor balconies, lighting and sound systems, and a rear walking museum, the new Majestic Theatre is capable of hosting business seminars, receptions, concerts, weddings, and even proms. Whatever your reception-based needs are, the Majestic Theatre can provide the perfect solution.


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