Historical Wedding Venue and Banquet Hall in Kankakee, Illinois

 The Majestic Theatre is a historical building in downtown Kankakee with a unique art deco vibe and an elegant Victorian flair. The Majestic Theatre has made a name for itself as a wedding venue and reception hall, as well as an elegant building for banquets and charity events in Kankakee, Illinois.

The Majestic Theatre is a perfect wedding venue with its beautiful reception hall, large dance floor, full bar, balconies that provide perfect photo opportunities, and neutral colors that can host any theme or color palette. At the Majestic, you can take advantage of our wedding packages and have your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location. Guests can entertain themselves with our large dance floor and full bar while you and the wedding party take advantage of all the unique photo opportunities afforded by such an elegant and historical location. For a beautiful wedding venue and reception hall near Kankakee to host your wedding ceremony and banquet, look no further than the Majestic Theatre.

Our many wedding packages allow you to customize the wedding ceremony, venue and banquet so that your special day is perfect. As a wedding venue and reception hall, the Majestic Theatre has the perfect environment for weddings near Kankakee. The neutral colors, Victorian flair, unique art deco, and historical site create the perfect wedding venue for a unique and elegant wedding close to Kankakee. Neutral colors in our building’s palette allow the bride to use her perfect wedding colors without worrying about clashing. The art deco also keeps the rooms looking artistic and fresh. The combination of old and new is perfectly realized in the Majestic Theatre’s Victorian flair and unique modern art deco. The numerous photo opportunities—both before, during, and after the wedding ceremony—will insure you have beautiful photographs of your special day, and our wedding packages make sure you have the perfect settings and enough time to get the perfect shots, whether they are of the bride in one of our beautiful sweeping balconies or of family and friends twisting the night away on our dance floor.

Our wedding packages can be customized to include the use of the building, including balconies, a room for the bride’s use, a full bar and large dance floor for the reception, separate rooms for the wedding ceremony and reception, and numerous photo opportunities in the historical Victorian-style building. The art deco and neutral colors are a beautiful backdrop in any photography session, before or after the wedding ceremony, so the bride can get unique and elegant photographs of the wedding ceremony and reception. The wedding packages offered at the Majestic Theatre for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions are sure to have something to satisfy everyone in Kankakee.

The Majestic Theatre is also a perfect reception hall for banquets near Kankakee. Our banquets are elegant and make the perfect setting for charity events. At the Majestic Theatre, we love hosting banquets and charity events for nonprofit organizations, and the large dance floor and full bar at our reception hall insure your charity event will be a success. Charity events can take advantage of the elegant, Victorian flair our historical building gives a formal or semiformal banquet, and our balconies, which create great wedding photo opportunities, can also be used practically for charity events or other fundraisers. As a reception hall for banquets and charity events, our historical building with its neutral colors and art deco design lends elegance and professionalism to your charity event or banquet in Kankakee.

Whether you are looking for the perfect wedding venue for your wedding ceremony and reception, or a reception hall for a charity event or banquet, the historical Majestic Theatre can be a unique, elegant place for all your banquet and reception needs. Our full bar, wedding packages, large dance floor, balconies, numerous photo opportunities, neutral colors, and Victorian flair can make any event for Kankakee elegant and unique.